Our Products

We have 26 differnt mowers starting with the Iron Eagle doing 2.9 Acres per hour working your way into a Magnum doing 4.3 Acres per hour then into a Silver Eagle doing 5.8 Acres per hour to a Clasic series doing 8.7 Acres per hour then all the way into a Xcaliber for the large and commercial end doing 8.9 Acres per hour.

If that is not enough power for you try out our Xcaliber diesel with the speed of a Dixie combined with the effciency of a diesel.

We also offer new products such as the Xcaliber Propane series which burns cleaner and greener with one of the only propane mowers on the market.

And if thats not Green enough for you try out the Xcaliber CNG the first compressed natural gas mower on the market.

We have many choices when it comes to engines for Gas mowers we have Generac, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, And in Diesel Yanmar and CAT Diesel.

We also feature our Quadloop design for the hydraulics, our exclusive hydraulic drive system provides smooth operator controls and unparalleled power delivery.

Our Warranty is the Best in the Industry

Lifetime Steering Linkages and Leavers Against Breakage

Lifetime on Frame Materials and Workmanship

Lifetime against Pump Thrust Bearings Failure

Lifetime on Front Fork Breakage

Lifetime on Stainless Steel Against Rust

Lifetime Front Caster Bearings

Lifetime Engine Valve Seats

3 Year Bumper to Bumper

3 Year Deck Spindle Hub

3 Year Generac Engines

See dealer for details

Iron Eagle Model Video  

Magnum Model Video 

Silver Eagle  Model Video 

Classic  Model Video 

Xcaliber Model Video 

Cat  Model Video 
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Propane Model  Video
Natural Gas Model  Video
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