BGM Dixie Choppers's Mission

BGM Dixie Choppers's corporate mission is the same as Art Evan's Business Principles

1. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

2. Set your standards higher than anyone else.

3. Dont forget where you came from.

4. Be honest with the public. They are your customers

5. Stand behind your product, even if it gets in your pocket book.

6. it's how you deal with your customers that sets you apart.

7. Listen to your customer. They will usually tell you what you need to know.

In 1980 Art Evans made the first Dixie Chopper. Little did anyone know that he would lead the way to revolutionizing the entire lawn and garden industry. Dixie Choppers are known for their performance, productivity and reliability. Still family owned and operated, near Greencastle, Indiana. Dixie Chopper takes great pride in producing the best mid-mount, zero turning mowers in the industry. Through the years manufacturing processes and procedures have changed, however, our corporate values have remained constant. One driving value we have is to produce a mower that has many years of useable life left after it is paid for. Dixie Chopper may not be the first mower you have ever purchased, but chances are it will be the last. Much thought and consideration goes into the making of the Dixie Chopper. We work hard to get the maximum life from belts, component parts and many other things to extend the life of the Dixie Chopper.


We are a company that will give you top notch customer service and not make you regret purchasing a product from our outlets.

We believe that our customers come first and that you deserve only the best in service and product and that is why we brought you the Dixie Chopper Series.